Past events ’05 – ’07

Bellevue Hospital, Manhattan: May 14th, 2007

Many thanks to Rami Efal, Maasa Kuwana, Sal Amendola and Ray Alma for coming to Bellevue Hospital! The kids and staff were so enthralled and grateful they asked us to return as often as we can. Indeed we had exceptional time with the twelve kids drawing Pokimons and spider-villains and watching a beautiful spring sunset way up on the 21st floor. 

Gilda’s Club, Brooklyn: May 8th, 2007
A tremendous time was had as always at this special club house
 which seems to have the transformative power to turn us all back into little kids!  Thank you members and GC children and staff!

Gilda’s Club, Manhattan: April 18th, 2007
We got swanky in SoHo tonight with messy messy art!  I bet we could have sold our smudged up clothes at the end in one of the nearby haute couture boutiques!  

New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn: March 27th, 2007
X-Gentlemen, Dancing Ladies and Evil Penguins! Many thanks to Elizabeth Winter, Rami Efal and Brett Jackson for a delightful evening with the children at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn! 

Ronald McDonald House: February 10, 2007
Thank you to Ray Alma, Rami Efal, Valery Reupert, and Elizabeth Winter for our debut event with new participant, The Ronald McDonald House, on the Upper East Side. We were tearing through comic book heroes and portraits and Dr. Seuss style fantasy lands as the requests came rolling in. Well done, guys! 

New York Methodist Hospital: January 23rd, 2007
We had a great time at our first event of 2007 with the New York Methodist Hospital where Rami Efal, Henry Hillaire, and Elizabeth Winter drew with kids both in the recess room and bedside. We drew lots of portraits and Elmo Elmo Elmo! We plan to make this one a regular event so brush up on your Sesame Street characters and come along next time.

Thank you very much to Ray Alma, Rami Efal, Henry Hillaire, Maasa Kuwana, and Elizabeth Winter for braving Gilda’s Club’s spooky halloween Noogiefest! We had a great time drawing creepy caricatures and other creatures for the many children who came by for this annual party. 

Superhero night at Bellevue Hospital
Thank you to Ray Alma, Rami Efal, Henry Hillaire, Elizabeth Winter and Sarah Worden for your heroic artistry!

Valentine’s Day party with CancerCare, Midtown Manhattan
Thank you to Steve de Seve, Joe Meland, Elizabeth Winter and Voltaire who were able to show the love this Valentine’s Day way up in CancerCare’s hi-rise in the clouds. What a sunset that was!

Gilda’s Club, Park Slope
Thank you everyone for many wonderful evenings with both Gilda’s Club locations

Gilda’s Club, SoHo
Thank you everyone for many wonderful evenings with both Gilda’s Club locations