Bellevue Hospital, March 11, 2009

Thank you so much to Jane Archer, Justin Bilicki, Nola Denett and Karrie Witkin who all made this amazing, energy-filled night possible.  Jane describes it best: “We drew everything from Hannah Montana to Obama to Spiderman and other fun characters. Nola created a 3D mystical fairy tale backdrop mounted on foamcore with glittered walkways, a plush rainbow-colored house, stuffed clouds and custom creatures the children could attach and reattach using velcro. Everyone had a great time!”
Thank you, fine volunteers, and thank you to the great kids of Bellevue!


New York Methodist Hospital, February 24, 2009

Ben is Proud of his New Man Purse
New member, Nola Denett, had this event in the bag with her wonderful handmade pouches!  She joined, Ink Well Board Member, Rami Efal, and The Sparks of Life kids as they all drew funny bunny fish and even a tailor-made Wall-e portrait. Thank you, Nola and Rami and thank you to the children at New York Methodist Hospital!