New York Methodist Hospital, March 19, 2010

Sergey Aniskov was treated to an adventure tale that young Skyler made up all by herself and together they made this beautiful book, “How the Dog Meet the Cow.” Meanwhile, Rami Efal drew “Spring beach day on the moon” with Nicolas: space flowers and a rocketship shuttle back and forth between Earth, the moon and the sun.  What fun!

St. Mary’s Hospital, 02/27/10

The snow couldn’t keep us away from the great kids of St. Mary’s! Left to right: Sergey Aniskov (first timer!), Adrian Sinnot, Elizabeth Winter, Joe Vissichelli, Tim SavageRay Alma, Ed Steckley (first timer!) and Howard Beckerman all had a a ball, creating scenes with character models from our artists’ work.  Batman flew with butterflies, Spike from The Rugrats chased a birdy, and all the kids’ caricatures laughed along.  Thank you so much to our volunteers and to the wonderful kids and staff at St. Mary’s.