Sunrise Day Camp, 12/19/10

We had the best day ever with the brilliant Sunrise Day Camp kids! It was a pajama party blow out where we all decorated pillow cases, such as Joe Vissichelli‘s inspired Justin Bieber portrait for Katie, who said she couldn’t wait to wake up to Justin’s face every morning; Adrian Sinnott‘s Cat in the Hat that was as tall as the kids; Joyce Pedretti‘s Sponge Bob factory and Botticelli-like Little Mermaid, Marty Macaluso‘s portrait parade; Ray Alma‘s Iron Man and Bat Man that made one boy say, “this is the bestest day ever!”, Tim Savage‘s space ship pilot portrait of Hector, Elizabeth Winter’s doggies and ducks and flowers for Heebin, and Amber Alvarez‘s portrait of a girl who was so excited to put it up in her locker, “once I get a locker,” she said.

We kept the party going at a nearby diner before we had to go our separate ways.  It was kinda hard to say goodbye but we’ve got loads of great events on the way for 2011.  Thank you for sharing your creativity, hope and strength with these amazing children throughout all the years, dear volunteers, and a very happy new year to you!!