New York Methodist Hospital, 02/23/11

We had another wonderful, imaginative day with the kids at New York Methodist Hospital!  Super Cliff saved the world in two spectacular galactic adventures and The Polka Dot Fish set new trends in ocean fashion.  Thank you very much to Rami Efal, Franz Palomares, and Erin Shigaki for volunteering.


Children’s Hospital of Minnesota, 02/19/11

This was a stellar day of doggies, cats, elephants, fire breathing dragons, and other pets the kids said they’d love to have.  We were thrilled to welcome first time Ink Wellers, Anthony BrandenburgNina Crittenden and Tom Schroeder along with our longtime volunteers, Valerie Reupert and Elizabeth Winter.

Ronald McDonald House, 02/08/11

The Ink Well was honored to partner with The Society of Illustrators on this wonderful night of Valentine’s Day card making with the kids at the Ronald McDonald House.  Thank you so much to Ray Alma, Elana Amity, Jane ArcherSergey Aniskov, Joan Chiverton, Rami Efal, Barbara Garrison, Jeanine Henderson, Abby Merrill, Anelle Miller, Oded Naaman, Franz Palomares, Joyce Pedretti and Elizabeth Winter who made this one full house of love and fun!