Encouraging Learning

We were honored to draw with this young man named, Kevin, at our Valentine’s event for families being served by the Ronald McDonald House. He brought some of his own work and talked with us about his desire to follow a career in the arts.  Long-time Ink Well volunteer, Long Island Chairperson of the National Cartoonists Society and Society of Illustrators member, Adrian Sinnott, got to draw with Kevin and recognized his promising gift.  So Adrian contacted us and made up a “starter” kit for Kevin, consisting of an art pad, pencils, and this great book on drawing the head and hands.  Thank you, Adrian, for your generosity, and good luck to you, Kevin.  Your skill, energy and enthusiasm will take you far.

Sunrise Day Camp, 03/25/12

There was an art tornado at Sunrise Day Camp this weekend!  We had tons of fun drawing with about 100 kids who all had great ideas of their own and taught us a lot about coloring mermaids, drawing new anime characters and how to sit perfectly still for a caricature too.  It was a good day.  Thanks volunteers, Ray Alma, Roberta Fabiano, Marty Macaluso, Joyce Pedretti, Tim Savage, Joe Vissichelli, Elizabeth Winter, and a great big welcome to two extremely talented new artists who’ve just joined the group, Marvel artist, Paolo Rivera and  illustrator/designer/cartoonist, Katherine Roy!  (Pics awaiting approval.)  

New Alternatives for Children, 03/15/12

In honor of the early arrival of spring, we drew the many creatures coming out of hibernation and the lovely plants and flowers blooming.  One girl made this storybook with a little help from Nina Frenkel, about a firehouse dog and a police dog who meet, fall in love, and decide to celebrate with a day at the spa.  Thank you very much to the kids of NAC and to our volunteers John Jay CabuayPedro DelgadoNina FrenkelBarbara Garrison, Erin Shigaki, Elizabeth Winter and a very big welcome to new member and Superjail artist, Joseph Jurewicz!