New Alternatives for Children, 03/14/13

NAC and The Ink Well Foundation

We adore the NAC kids and envy their incredible skills!  Every time we visit with them they bring innovative ideas and techniques to the table.  This time we made cut-out mobiles of the kids’ favorite characters, then suspended them from string and letting them soar through the air.  The kids invented new ways to get the mobiles to hang right, drew a cubist Sponge Bob, a perfect Angelika, and colored Cookie Monsters, Bat Mans and tons of other flying characters in a way that showed they were mid-action by smearing colors, using action lines and bent perspective lines.  You guys are amazing!  Thank you to Ray Alma, Jeanine Henderson, Franz Palomares, Ed Steckley, and Elizabeth Winter for volunteering and to Ethan and the NAC staff.

Mount Sinai Hospital, 02/26/13image

We were thrilled to grace the screens of Kids Zone TV again!  This time we taught the kids about depth perception and perspective by drawing our characters with foreshortening; foreground, middle and background; and we also showed how to draw characters based on simple shapes.  With Mount Sinai’s Kids Zone closed circuit TV we’re able to reach many children who are unable to leave their rooms.  They are given their own art kits and can call in to the show to ask questions and help us do our stuff!  Thanks to volunteers, Ray Alma, Barbara Garrison and Maria Scrivan, and thank you to Elana Amity for organizing this event.

Ronald McDonald House NYC, 02/12/13


We had a blast making Mardi Gras masks with the Ronald McDonald House kids!  We got supplies straight from New Orleans, some of the best artists in New York, and put on a fabulous masquerade party, complete with cake and crowns and beads and more. Thank you to our volunteers, Ray Alma, Elana Amity, Jane Archer, Drew Dernavich, Joyce Pedretti, Katherine Roy, Ed Steckley and Elizabeth Winter.  Thanks also to Anthony King for helping us continue the celebrations at Finnegan’s Wake!