Bellevue Hospital 10/08/13


We had such a beautiful night with the kids at Bellevue last night. “Ice Age” character designer, Peter de Séve and IWF Bellevue Director, Jane Archer, put on a fantastic storyboard demo, based on ideas from the kids. Then we were treated to a night full of amazing characters and adventures all invented by these bright young things. Possibly the best part of the night: one boy had so many wonderful stories to tell he didn’t stop drawing or storytelling for a second. But at the end of the evening, as we were all cleaning up, he ducked out of the room for a few minutes, then came back in and handed us this beautiful card. On the back, each of the kids had signed their own names. We have no idea how he managed to do this so quickly with none of us seeing a thing but we love it enormously. Click on the photo above and check out all the pics’ descriptions for more details.

Thank you to our beloved volunteers: Jane Archer, Sangjun Chon, Drew Dernavich, Peter de Séve, Barbara Garrison, Abby Merrill and Elizabeth Winter.