NY Foundling Music Party 11/10/13

The NY Foundling introduced us to some seriously talented kids this weekend! We all got together at the Society of Illustrators, where Louie Miranda from Materials for the Arts taught us how to make our own handmade instruments. Then we got to dance around the whole building, playing the instruments we made until we wound upstairs to a beautiful lunch. What a perfect day and what a talented crew. Thank you, kids, for your brilliant enthusiasm and ideas. Thank you, NY Foundling, Society of Illustrators, Louie Miranda and Materials for the Arts for your boundless generosity. And thank you, dear Ink Well volunteers for always being up for every adventure: Ray Alma, Elana Amity, Joan Chiverton, Barbara Garrison, Yunmee Kyong, Abby Merrill, Oded Naaman, Joyce Pedretti, Tim Savage, Nathan Schreiber, Dan Shefelman, Adrian Sinnott, and Elizabeth Winter.