Titmouse Animation Tour 12/23/13


As a holiday treat, we brought the kids from New Alternatives for Children on a tour of world class animation house, Titmouse, Inc! Titmouse creates shows such as Turbo, The Venture Brothers, China, Il and much more. The kids got to see every step of the animation process as they met writers like Chris McCulloch, Directors like Mike Carlo, Editors like Elizabeth Winter and Color Supervisors like Liz Artinian. We showed them the tools we use, talked about how we all got started and what it takes to pursue a career in animation. The kids then got a private screening of a not-yet-announced new show that’s coming soon, shhhh!
You can click on the photos for more descriptions. Thanks, everyone, and happy holidays!

Bellevue Hospital, 12/19/13


We love the kids at Bellevue Hospital and were so glad we got to draw holiday cards with them tonight. One little boy requested we make drawings for Santa and his elves with “something really nice and kind” written to them inside. Another boy made a portrait of our own Drew Dernavich’s father that he could give as a present. And another made a super fast Superman, flying off to make his own rounds through the skies. Thank you, Ray Alma, Jane Archer, Sangjun Chon, Drew Dernavich, Oded Naaman, Joyce Pedretti and Elizabeth Winter for coming together for our last event of 2013. And thanks to the kids and Bellevue staff for always welcoming us back with such great energy and love. We can’t wait for more great times together in 2014!

Mount Sinai Hospital, 12/10/13


We had a wonderful time at Mount Sinai tonight! IWF Director, Elana Amity, organized a theme of wintertime inspired scenes, drawn by our volunteers, John Jay Cabuay and Jeanine Henderson on the hospital’s call-in show, KidZone TV. The kids are all equipped with art sets in their rooms and are able to draw along with us and call in with comments and questions. The staff told us they’ve never had so many kids call in to a show ever!We drew elves and snowmen and lots more together as the kids learned new techniques and just chatted with us all the while. This show will loop again and again on the hospital’s closed circuit TV station, so we are excited that this program will keep entertaining for a long while to come. Thank you, kids, for your enthusiasm and curiosity and thank you, Elana, John Jay, and Jeanine for your caring creativity!