Mount Sinai Hospital 02/19/14IMG_0532

We drew “Shouts and Whispers” on KidZone TV today! This is an activity where we draw two characters expressing different emotions in a particular setting. The characters can be animals, people or entirely invented but they all must utilize facial expressions, body gestures, and more to evoke their particular emotion.  The kids are equipped with art sets in their rooms so they can draw along with us and use their phones to call in with questions and comments.  We love collaborating with you, kids!  Thank you to our Director, Elana Amity, for leading the night, and to Joan Chiverton and Jeanine Henderson for volunteering.

Annual Volunteers & Donors Party

IMG_3490We celebrated another wonderful year of our donors’ and volunteers’ hard work and generosity with a proper house party in Manhattan!  Thank you, everyone, for helping us continue to bring free arts activities to children facing illness.  We love you all and can’t wait to draw together again for our brave kids in 2014.  (And go team #1, Pictionary victors!!!)  🙂

St. Mary’s Hospital 02/01/14


In honor of Valentine’s Day, we went to a place that has some of the biggest sweethearts on Earth: St. Mary’s Hospital!  We’ve come to know and love these kids so much over the years and had a wonderful time making Valentine’s Day cards together.  We covered doilies and cards with flowers, love-sick frogs, astronauts missing their spouses from space and race cars that will speed us all back to our loved ones. Thank you, beautiful, brave kids and thank you beloved volunteers: Ray Alma, Jane Archer, Pedro Delgado, Drew Dernavich, Henry Hilaire (welcome back!!), Tim Savage, Nathan Schreiber, Adrian Sinnott and Elizabeth Winter.  Pics will be posted soon, now pending St. Mary’s approval.

New Alternatives for Children 01/29/14


We taught the kids about character design today: showing how just tipping the eyebrows down into a V creates a grumpy face, how long sleek bodies leaning forward look fast, how glasses can make you look bookish and tongues out make you look goofy!  Thank you so much to our artists: Jane Archer, Hillary Barton (first timer!!), Justin Bilicki, Pedro Delgado, Peter de Séve, Rami Efal, Oded Naaman, Angela Navarra (first timer!!), Nathan Schreiber and Elizabeth Winter.  Pics coming soon, now pending approval of NAC.