Bellevue Hospital 04/01/14


Today the kids thought up characters, settings, and actions then drew them on moveable panels to create changeable stories.

Afterward they presented their brilliant ideas to the whole group. These included a sword burning dragon who conquers a knight, a saber toothed tiger who gets in a fight, a panda bear and king robot who cause lots of trouble and one Luke the Puke who’s a queasy superhero fellow.

Thank you, Jane Archer and Oded Naaman, for your great demo and leadership! And many thanks to our additional volunteers: Ray Alma, Rami Efal, Barbara Garrison, Jeanine Henderson, Maria Scrivan, Nathan Schreiber, Ed Steckley, and Elizabeth Winter. And most of all to the kids at Bellevue who amaze us every time with their boundless energy and imagination. Love you guys.