Mount Sinai Hospital 06/25/14IMG_1235

Another hit show!  IWF Director, Elana Amity, debuted a drawing lesson in facial proportions and expressions, and new volunteer, Phil Scheuer, showed the kids how to draw “Despicable Me” character, Minion and we even got help from adorable puppet co-host named, Sandy. The kids drew along with us from their rooms and called in to chat and pitch ideas.  A great time was had by all.

St. Mary’s Hospital 06/14/14


The kids at St. Mary’s are so full of energy, joy and love, it’s a great inspiration to watch them draw and come up with innovative ideas and characters. This weekend we drew everything from fire-breathing rainbow dragons to little men in mini cars to lovely cat maidens.

Thank you so much, kids and St. Mary’s staff, for having us and to our dear volunteers: Sergei Aniskov
, Howard Beckerman, Barbara Garrison, Oded Naaman, Timothy Savage, Nathan Schreiber, Adrian Sinnott, and Elizabeth Winter.  A special thanks to IWF Director, Ray Alma, for organizing and leading the event!