New Alternatives for Children 07/29/14

New Alternatives for Children 07/29/14


The kids at NAC continue to amaze us!  We brought in pre-made blank comic books and they came up with all their own characters, scenes and story lines and then gave presentations on their finished books.  There was a lone bat on a building who turned out to be a cat, a DJ-ing parrot who got an entire forest to dance, a stealthy ninja team whose firey swords cut through the night, and much more.  Additional pics will be posted soon, upon their approval by NAC.

Thank you, brilliant kids, for sharing your time with us!  And thank you Ink Well volunteers: Ray Alma, Sergei Aniskov, Elana Amity, Sangjun Chon, Peter de Séve, Pedro Delgado, Rami Efal, Barbara Garrison, Henry Hilaire and Elizabeth Winter.

Bellevue Hospital 07/16/14

Bellevue Hospital 07/16/14

The kids electrified us with storyboards for their own “Electric Avenue” music videos! We played the song and they came up with scenes, characters and actions to match the music. There was a lot happening down on Electric Avenue: cat and rabbit ninja rumbles, panda robots cutting loose and an all-night dance party with special guests, SpongeBob and Patrick. Thank you to IWF Directors, Jane Archer and Franz Palomares, for making this great idea come together, and to our volunteers: Drew Dernavich, Barbara Garrison, Nathan Schreiber, Elizabeth Winter, and a very warm welcome to new member, Tobie Giddio!