Science Ninjas at Bellevue Hospital, 12/02/14

Science Ninjas at Bellevue Hospital, 12/02/14


The kids absolutely burst onto the science scene tonight!

Volunteer, Nathan Schreiber (the brains behind “Science Ninjas,” a program that introduces kids to science using fun, innovative techniques) gave each table different mystery substances, along with the lab sets to test them. After each child invented his own Ninja Scientist character, they dove into experiments to identify the substances, note how they interacted with one another and finally discovering just what makes the biggest bubble bursting blow out mixture ever!

It was an extremely messy, fantastic time. Thank you, Nathan, for preparing and guiding us through such a singular experience! Thanks also to our Director, Jane Archer, for coordinating, and to our trusty lab partner volunteers: Ray Alma, Elana Amity, Sangjun Chon, Rami Efal, Barbara Garrison andĀ Elizabeth Winter.

We are grateful to the Bellevue staff for being awesome enough to give this unusual event a go, and most of all to the wonderful children there, who listened so patiently and leapt into science with amazing energy, ingenuity and curiosity. We love you guys and can’t wait to see you again soon.