Childhelp, Los Angeles 01/17/15

Childhelp, Los Angeles 01/17/15


It was our first visit to Childhelp and we were blown away by the kids there!  They hit the ground running: EVERYONE was drawing, feeding off of one another’s ideas, coming up with their own characters and sharing tips as they learned them.  Pokemon was the choice of the day for established characters, followed by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and some Simpsons characters.  So lucky for us, our volunteers consisted of the brilliant Joseph Scott (IWF L.A. Director), Kataneh Vahdani and David Shair from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Michael Kenny and Jeanette Moreno-King from Wild Canary, and Monica Tomova from Nickelodeon!  Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful time.  We can’t wait to draw together again with these amazing kids soon.