GC 02/24/15

Gilda’s Club 02/24/15

2015-02-24 19.03.40

 We spun a whole lot of fun, creating thaumatropes together at Gilda’s Club in SoHo!  Thaumatropes are disks with a drawing on each side that you spin to create one drawing.  It’s one of the most basic forms of animation and the kids loved learning about how easy it can be to make an image “move.”

One little girl drew a flower that grew, another drew a guy eating pizza, there was a flying bird, a horse eating a carrot, one of the girls drew a singing, dancing self-portrait, another a fish swimming in his bowl.  All in all we drew about 60 thaumatropes!  So much fun.

Thank you, Gilda’s Club kids, for your amazing energy and to our volunteers: Lisa LaBracio (first timer!), Oded Naaman, Franz Palomares (IWF Director- Gilda’s Club), Nathan Schreiber and Elizabeth Winter.