Bellevue 05/12/15

Bellevue Hospital 05/12/15


We had a blast on the rooftop with Science Ninja, Nathan Schreiber! Nathan taught us all about what makes rockets go, what air would look like if we could see it and why, and how chemical reactions can be explosively cool.

We got into some great conversations while we experimented and the kids shared their own extensive knowledge with us: one boy explained that water’s symbol is H2O, that Oxygen’s O2 and that both these molecules may be contained within other molecules and how they can be released in explosions. One boy described how air moves from higher to lower densities to ease pressure and another predicted what would happen when we mixed Alka Seltzer with water and put it in film canisters. Pow!

Thank you to Nathan Schreiber and our Director of Bellevue Events, Jane Archer, for putting together such an active, engaging experience. Thank you to the staff of Bellevue for being cool enough to let us try outlandish activities with the kids 🙂 And thank you to our fantastic, enthusiastic lab partner volunteers: Joan Chiverton, Sangjun Chon, and Elizabeth Winter.