NAC 05/16/15

New Alternatives for Children 05/16/15


We are feeling pretty proud of our AMAZING claymation day, yeahhh! We’d never tried this before but the brilliant kids at NAC were able to whip up their own characters and stories so fast and pose them in front of our cameras so expressionately that this project worked like a dream.

We had a snail who wandered the bottom of the ocean, lost in thought: a hungry alien on Mars who ate space flies: a ladybug and fly back on Earth who fell in love: a Hello Kitty hula girl who just wanted to swing her hips: two glob goblins who did a war dance under the stars: a caterpillar who giggled her way across the desert: and a puppy and bunny who nibbled their bones and carrots under the setting Serengeti sun.

Thank you to Stuart and the staff of NAC for letting us take over your playroom and for always being so supportive. Thank you kids for coming up with these fantastic ideas and throwing yourselves completely into your art. And thank you dear volunteers for your laughter, talent and reliability: Elana Amity, Sangun Chon, Pedro Delgado, Barbara Garrison, Oded Naaman, Tim Savage, Elizabeth Winter and a very big welcome to first timer, Stefano Imbert!