A Caring Hand 05/21/15

A Caring Hand 05/21/15


We had a beautiful first event with the kids at A Caring Hand! These children are brought together for support and encouragement while dealing with the loss of a parent or other close family member.

We asked the kids what kinds of things were their superpowers: were they really good at math, could they run really fast, paint, sing, or tell a good story? Then we asked them what other superhero powers they’d like to posses and then we combined all that into a tailor made self portrait. Each child stood up at the end of the night and explained his superhero: we had Freeze Time, a boy who could stop time with his watch so he could stop crimes, we had leaping Spiderman style web spinners, super spellers, Flash fast runners who could even flee from school (but only for just a little while), we had kids who could transform into brilliant dancers and designers and one who called Phantom who was a shadow that could move other shadows at will, and on and on. Such creative brains on these guys!

Thank you kids and volunteers: Scott Brundage, Sangjun Chon, Pedro Delgado, Barbara Garrison, Oded Naaman, Franz Palomares, and Elizabeth Winter.