Mount Sinai Hospital 07/15/15

Mount Sinai Hospital 07/15/15

KidZone images from TV monitor, Minions lesson

Elana Amity taught how to make a Minion on our KidZone TV show this week! Kevin, Stuart and Bobs’ single-celled bodies are easy to draw: just think of their parts as basic shapes and build them bit by bit. We were happy to have student intern, Robert, co-host the show with us too!

By drawing on Mount Sinai’s closed-circuit TV channel, we are able to reach all the kids in the hospital at once, including the many children who are confined to their rooms during treatment. The kids are given their own drawing kits so they can draw along with us and they can use their phones to call in and talk to us during our live show. The show is then replayed as a part of their regular TV schedule so it can be enjoyed again and again.

We’d like to say a special thank you and bon voyage to long-time KidZone TV Producer, Mary Geerlof, who is heading off to CBS and a career in the theater! Mary has been truly dedicated to providing a thoughtful, creative environment for the kids. She gave a lot of her heart to this show and we couldn’t have gotten it started without her. We’ll miss you, Mary!