NAC 08/01/15

New Alternatives for Children 08/01/15


We had it in the bag on this one.  The kids used stencils, fabric markers, tempera, even glow in the dark paint to design their very own totes.  One boy focused the entire time on building the perfect Minecraft world, composed of blocks, creepers, zombies and Steve in the middle of it all.  NAC staff member, Stuart Davis, made a lush tropical tote, full of hibiscus.  A young girl explored nuance and definition by writing the word Darkness and surrounding it with brushes of light color, beautiful concept. Another honored her favorite musicians, The Fresh Beat Band, by drawing each member in brilliant neon costumes.

Thank you so much, kids, for sharing your day, and thank you to our volunteers: Sangjun Chon, Barbara Garrison, Oded Naaman, Tim Savage and Elizabeth Winter!