Mattel Children’s Hospital

Mattel Children’s Hospital 09/22/15


We were grateful to be able to draw with some very talented kids in Los Angeles today!  We all sat around a wood table in the sun, drawing classics like Mickey Mouse and modern icons, like SpongeBob and Sonic. We appreciate the chance to draw with you, kids, and thank the Mattel Children’s Hospital staff for introducing us.

Thanks also to our West Coast Director, Joseph Scott, for organizing this event. Joseph has worked on everything from “Rugrats” to “Penn Zero” to “Futurama” and is currently at Disney Animation. And a big welcome to new member, Javier Secaduras! Javier has worked on “Puss in Boots,” “Rugrats,” “Rio” and even teaches other artists how to do animation. Thank you for volunteering, Javier.

St. Mary’s Hospital 09/19/15

St. Mary’s Hospital 09/19/15


Today we got to draw with our dear friends at St. Mary’s Hospital. Together we made everything from Scooby Doo and Shaggy to bouncy race cars to Sonic the Hedgehog

Thank you to the kids and staff of St. Mary’s, Director, Ray Alma, our volunteers: Scott Brundage, Barbara Garrison, Stefano Imbert, Oded Naaman, Joyce Pedretti, Adrian Sinnott and Elizabeth Winter and a warm welcome to new member, Tom Cardone! Tom has worked on all sorts of great movies like Aladin, Beauty and the Beast, Ice Age and the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Mt Sinai 09/16/15

Mount Sinai Hospital 09/16/15


Today Elana Amity showed the kids, step by rumbling step, how to draw elephants large and small.  Then Elizabeth Winter joined in to demonstrate folded drawings, where first you draw the head (don’t let your friends see what you’re drawing) and then fold the paper at the bottom edge of the neck.  Then the next person continues from the neck to the waist, folds it, passes it back, and on and on all the way to the shoes.  You can even write a story as you go along: let your friend only see a few words of where your story leaves off so they can continue it.  When you’re all done, unravel the picture and see what you’ve created!  Elana and Elizabeth were cracking each other up with all their loony characters and tales.

Gilda’s Club 09/01/15


Today we bid the summer a fond farewell by helping the kids recreate their favorite summer scenes with colored sand, glue, markers and pencils.  One girl showed us how she got to swim with dolphins!  She told us all about their glossy skin and smart brains.  Another described her summer camp, where her nice, funny coach taught her to play football as a crowd cheered on from the sidelines.  One little boy went to the zoo and met a tiger, and then just got to read books under the sun.

Thank you, kids, for sharing your summer adventures, to our Director of GC Events, Franz Palomares, for organizing the evening and to Hillary Barton, Lisa LaBracio, and Elizabeth Winter for volunteering!