RMH 110715

Ronald McDonald House NYC 11/07/16

IMG_4052Today was comic book day!  We brought home-made comics and helped the kids draw their cover page and start to fill them with their own stories and favorite characters.

First the kids showed us how it’s all about this game, “Road Blocks,” now so we watched them play and learned how to draw those blocky blokes.  Then Nathan Schreiber whipped up a fierce Goku and Vegeta fusion dance for a Dragon Ball Z fan, Joyce Pedretti blazed across the paper on Starfire with a DC Comics devotee, Elizabeth Winter got to draw with one little darling who just wanted bunnies and princesses and puppies, and all the while everybody got their caricatures done by Joe Vissichelli!

All the kids received their own art kits so that they could continue their comics on their own and keep drawing whatever they dream up whenever they like.  Keep at it, kids, and thank you for sharing your day with us!