Mount Sinai Hospital 02/17/16

Tonight Elana gave a 30 minute drawing lesson to a group of young kids who were eager to draw along! The theme was a slightly belated Valentine’s Day tribute honoring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. As usual, the time flew by so fast that there was no time for everything we wanted to draw, especially Pepe le Pew, poor guy.

Childhelp Los Angeles 02/13/16


We had a wonderful time making Valentine’s Day cards with our friends at Childhelp in Hollywood today! We had a great group of about 15 kids and all the goods for many many cards, with LOTS of accoutrement to be glued, drawn and bedazzled so each child could  personalize their own card. Some had cartoon characters  drawn on the front, Some created more of a collage. Colored pencils and felt pens brought the cards to life- thank you Blick Arts! We had a lot of smiling faces by the time our hour and a half was up.

Thank you so much to our trusty volunteers: Michael Daedalus Kenny, Jeanette King, Christian Lignan, Kataneh Vahdani and a huge welcome to new member, Marla Frazee!  Thank you also to our W. Coast Director, Joseph Scott, who so deftly captained our love boat.  



Bellevue 02/09/2016

Bellevue 02/09/2016

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The stand up kids at Bellevue Hospital made the best stand up characters ever at our NYC drawing party!
Director, Jane Archer, helped the kids make 3D characters inspired by the “OUR NYC” floor puzzle that she designed. She first led the kids in a breathing and visualization exercise where they traveled on a hot air balloon, encountering her puzzle’s friendly characters along the way: fabulously decked-out pigeons, a fashionable dancing peacock, a magical coney island mermaid and a fun-loving Turtle at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Our volunteers then helped the kids riff off those ideas, creating awesome NYC characters of their own, like Pizza Man and a balloon loving tourist crocodile!
The kids got to keep their own “OUR NYC” puzzle and each child received their own art kit of colored pencils and erasers so they could continue to draw on their own.
Thank you, Blick Arts, for helping us get art supplies to all the children we serve and thank you volunteers, Elana Amity, Jane Archer, Barbara Garrison, Stefano Imbert, Eleanor Rahim, Nathan Schreiber and Ed Steckley for such a beautiful day!

New Alternatives for Children 02/02/16

New Alternatives for Children 02/02/16


For my first event as Director of Ink Well at New Alternatives for Children, we started off with a brief conversation about shapes – which shape is strongest? Then we drew structures – strong structures! Like forts and castles – that used a chosen shape. Then I projected a Science Ninjas comic on the wall that featured an engineering challenge where our heroes needed to build a sturdy bridge with limited resources.

This led directly to our next activity – we gave the kids toothpicks and gumdrops and had them build their own structures. They had some really creative ideas!

Then I passed out some free games and we played a few rounds of Valence! As is typical, they picked it up real fast. One young man liked the game so much he had me sign his copy. It was a great event, and I’m looking forward to doing more of them! -Nathan Schreiber, IWF Director at NAC.