Childhelp Los Angeles 02/13/16


We had a wonderful time making Valentine’s Day cards with our friends at Childhelp in Hollywood today! We had a great group of about 15 kids and all the goods for many many cards, with LOTS of accoutrement to be glued, drawn and bedazzled so each child could  personalize their own card. Some had cartoon characters  drawn on the front, Some created more of a collage. Colored pencils and felt pens brought the cards to life- thank you Blick Arts! We had a lot of smiling faces by the time our hour and a half was up.

Thank you so much to our trusty volunteers: Michael Daedalus Kenny, Jeanette King, Christian Lignan, Kataneh Vahdani and a huge welcome to new member, Marla Frazee!  Thank you also to our W. Coast Director, Joseph Scott, who so deftly captained our love boat.