Mt Sinai 4/20/16

Mount Sinai Hospital, 04/20/16

Thank you to Peter de Séve, Tim Savage and Ellie Rahim for starring in our Mount Sinai “Earth Day” Drawing Show, hosted by Elana Amity! We were very happy to draw with one child and her father in the studio, as well as with all the kids in the hospital via our live call-in show.

Ellie showed images of coral reefs and sea life, demonstrating ways that underwater life is depicted in fashion, architecture and stationery (which she designed). She also gave out drawing grids that the kids could fill in with their own creatures.

Tim showed his beautiful watercolor penguin family and taught how to draw a penguin. Then he explained how penguins live, and how climate change is affecting their lives.

And finally Peter used his wax crayon to draw forth his characters from Ice Age. Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel, is a great representation of how animals have to scramble for food when their resources are dwindling!

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to think of small changes we can make everyday to help protect our environment and our fellow animals who live there too.