Bellevue Hospital, 05/28/16


We had double the fun with two awesome projects today! First, our Director of Bellevue Events, Jane Archer, led us on a guided visualization through the magical powerful, portal that leads into each of our imaginations. Then we created journal covers that represented those doors and what we saw behind them: puppies! Moms! Friendly T-Rexes! Furry cute love monsters! We even saw Flash, The Hulk and an R2D2 door!

After that, we painted a proscenium curtain on the wall around the area where they project movies for the kids to give it a little more theatrical flair!

Thank you, dear kids and volunteers: Ray Alma, Jane Archer, Elana Amity, Sangjun Chon, Oded Naaman, Samantha Olschan, Stefano Imbert, Tim Savage, Elizabeth Winter.

Mount Sinai 05/18/16

Mount Sinai Hospital, 05/18/16


We had a stupendous KidZone TV show today, drawing explorers and expeditions!  Tim Savage wrote and illustrated a short story about a baby hawk learning to fly, then gave a drawing lesson where kids learned to draw a hawk using a few simple shapes.  Pedro Delgado drew Erik the Explorer, who goes on adventures with a suitcase, apple and globe. Erik meets a space man and they go out to dinner.

Elana Amity was inspired to do this theme because she has just returned from her own adventures through Spain, where she painted her way through the countryside.  Thank you for hosting this exciting show, Elana!

New Alternatives for Children 05/09/16

New Alternatives for Children, 05/09/16


Next stop Alpha Centauri!  Our Science Ninja, Nathan Schreiber and his TEDx co-pilot, Lisa LaBracio helped the NAC kids engineer their very own spaceships today!

The kids were all cast as engineers, recreating “Breakthrough Starshot,”a Russian billionaire’s plan to build a tiny spaceship with a reflective sail, propelled by earthbound lasers.  After “stretching our brains” by comparing the distances between places near (like New Jersey) and far (like Pluto), we built foil sails and calculated how to power the ships with lasers that would move our ships at one-quarter the speed of light so that we could safely reach the next star, 4.3 light years away!  Congrats on completing your mission, cadets!

Thank you to our Ink Wellers for volunteering: Sangjun Chon, Lisa LaBracio, Barbara Garrison, Pedro Delgado, Ray Alma, Nathan Schreiber, Julia Sarcone-Roach, and Todd Broder.