Bellevue Hospital, 05/28/16


We had double the fun with two awesome projects today! First, our Director of Bellevue Events, Jane Archer, led us on a guided visualization through the magical powerful, portal that leads into each of our imaginations. Then we created journal covers that represented those doors and what we saw behind them: puppies! Moms! Friendly T-Rexes! Furry cute love monsters! We even saw Flash, The Hulk and an R2D2 door!

After that, we painted a proscenium curtain on the wall around the area where they project movies for the kids to give it a little more theatrical flair!

Thank you, dear kids and volunteers: Ray Alma, Jane Archer, Elana Amity, Sangjun Chon, Oded Naaman, Samantha Olschan, Stefano Imbert, Tim Savage, Elizabeth Winter.