St. Mary’s 07/23/16

St. Mary’s Hospital, 07/23/16


We love to draw with the little angels at St. Mary’s and were so impressed by their work this weekend! They sketched an out of this world Marvin the Martian, a perfectly petaled flower, a super surprised Elmo, floating hearts, puppies, horses and much more. Thank you, kids and staff of St. Mary’s. It brings us so much joy to keep making art with you all over the years.
Hats off to our fearless leader, Ray Alma, and his incredibly talented crew of volunteers: Jane Archer, Howard Beckerman, Oded Naaman, Tim Savage and Adrian Sinnott!

New Alternatives for Children, 07/09/16


We had a blast teaching the kids how to build their very own rockets today! We also learned how to draw all the different kinds of air that surrounds us; like steam from tea kettles, the hot air radiating off of a car, and our frosty breath on a cold day.  We ❤ science and the NAC kids!

Thank you to Nathan Schreiber and Lisa LaBracio for leading this event, to our volunteers: Elana Amity, Howard Beckerman, Joan Chiverton, Bil Donovan, and Tim Savage, and of course a huge thank you to the brilliant staff and kids of NAC.