08/11/16, Gilda’s Club

08/11/16, Gilda’s Club


We were touched by the several children who shared their stories of losing a parent to cancer or about how it feels to be going through cancer as we drew together tonight. It made us even more grateful for what a special place Gilda’s Club is.

Together we drew in the zoo and lots of portraits too. The kids invented all kinds of creatures and we helped make some of their drawings into stand up 3D character cut-outs. There were lots of birthdays today and we were happy to help make birthday cards too!

After the event, we all got together to bid our beloved Director at New Alternatives, Nathan Schreiber,  and long-time volunteer, Oded Naaman, farewell as they move on to Chicago and Israel respectively.

Thank you, kids and volunteers: Ray Alma, Elana Amity, Dayna Gonzales, Stefano Imbert, Lisa LaBracio, Oded Naaman, Franz Palomares (Director of GC Events), Julia Sarcone Roach and Maria Scrivan.