New Alternatives for Children 09/27/16

New Alternatives for Children 09/27/16


Our new Director at NAC, Lisa LaBracio, led us all in making leaf creatures today!  Fresh Fall leaves, markers and googly eyes became birds, bears, manta rays, trees, dogs, monsters, and more. We loved imagining all the things a leaf could become, and as one young artist said, “leaves are free, so we can do this ALL THE TIME!”  Happy autumn, everyone!

Thanks to volunteers: Elana Amity, Todd Broder, Barbara Garrison and Franz Palomares.

Thanks also to Blick Arts for helping us give each child their own art kit so that they can continue creating on their own.

New Alternatives for Children provides health and social services to children with disabilities and chronic illnesses.  It focuses on children in foster care and adoptive homes.

Mount Sinai 9/21

Mount Sinai Hospital 9/21/16


Tonight we celebrated the autumnal equinox! Elana Amity gave a lesson on how to draw bulldogs, chihuahuas and one famous beagle (Snoopy) enjoying the last day of summer at the beach while thinking of pumpkins and falling leaves.

John Stevens (first timer!) spoke about his own experience growing up with dyslexia and how he was able to turn it into a gift by drawing cartoons: Steven is now ambidextrous, which he showed by drawing two people with both hands at the same time. He also can write upside down and backwards like Leonardo Da Vinci!
Thank you so much, John and Elana, and to the lovely children who drew along with us on our live call-in Kid Zone TV show.

Saturday, September 17th: Childhelp

Childhelp 09/17/16


We brought our best from shows like SpongeBob, Futurama, Scooby Doo and more to create characters together with this great big wonderful group of kids.  We also got to draw caricatures and do a wee bit of face painting.  Huge thanks to volunteers: Jeremy Arambulo, Michael Daedalus Kenny, Dorothea Schoentag (first timer!), Ashley Simpson (first timer!), Monica Tomova and to our fearless West Coast leader, Joseph Scott.

Childhelp exists to meet the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of abused, neglected, and at-risk children.

Bellevue 9/14

Bellevue Hospital 9/14/16


Thank you to this fantastic crew for brightening up this rainy evening with art! Together with the beautiful kids of Bellevue, we created portraits in tiny custom frames of our future selves and all the amazing people and things our sunny futures entail! Big thanks to volunteers Jane Archer, Todd Broder, Stefano Imbert, Ellie Rahim, and Nathan Schreiber.