Covenant House 11/16/16

Covenant House 11/16/16


What a joy to meet and make comics with the bright young minds at the Covenant House in Los Angeles! These guys are serious artists and needed little instruction but we taught them a few techniques about perspective, creating pacing over panels and we got to talk shop: discussing careers in animation and illustration. We gave each young artist their own blank comic book to fill and an art set with colored pencils as well as sketch books so they could keep on keeping on with their art.

Thank you to our West Coast Director, Joseph Scott, who put the event together and to our trusty volunteers: Marla Frazee, Michael Kenny, Jeanette Moreno King, Christian Lignan and Monica Tomova.



Mt Sinai 11/16/16

Mount Sinai Hospital 11/16/16


Gobble gobble gobble!  Elana Amity gave a Thanksgiving art class on our KidZone TV Show today!  She showed the kids how to draw turkeys, a cornucopia filled with pumpkins, acorns, fruit, flowers, and an owl on a fence, overseeing operations.  Here’s wishing you all a wonderful feast with family, friends and hearty, healthy food.

St. Mary’s 11/5/16

St. Mary’s Hospital 11/05/16


Time flew by as we drew caricatures of the ever-lovable kids at St. Mary’s Hospital and collaborated on superhero and cartoon character drawings with them.

The creativity flurry was surpassed only by the enthusiasm and appreciation of the donation of a vintage pinball machine! Thanks to the son of long-time Ink Well volunteer, Joan Chiverton, Peter Rose, and his Sunshine Laundromat and Pinball.

This was Joan Chiverton, John Stevens and Ellie Rahim’s first visit to St.Mary’s and they were all blown away by the wonderful interaction between artists and kids. As usual, the cry from the St. Mary’s kids as we left was, “when are you guys coming back??”  We can’t wait to come back (and play you at pinball!) 🙂