Mount Sinai Hospital 03/15/17

We had a very jolly night, drawing St. Patty’s Day characters with the kids at Mount Sinai Hospital over our live “KidZone TV” show. The kids can now text us with their requests as we draw and boy did they ever!
Elana Amity showed how to draw a leprechaun with a pot of gold and the kids instructed her on how to decorate his clothes and even how to magically transform his pot into a pumpkin! Then Pedro Delgado minted the leprechaun’s gold coins with imagery that the kids requested. It was quite touching: one child asked Pedro to draw a hospital, another asked for a mother and child. We held the drawings up close to the camera so the kids could see the details and we let them know that (as always) all the art would be left there for them to keep.