New Alternatives for Children 06/24/17

New Alternatives for Children 06/24/17

New Alternatives for Children, 06/24/17

What a joy to make characters dance and flip and dive into our animation event with the New Alternatives kids! We made 3 sets: a theater stage, an underwater world and a sky then the kids added their own buildings, super heroes and super stars that danced, swam and flew through the scenes.

Our favorite moment of the night was when the shyest, quietest boy in the bunch pulled us aside to say, “you made me really happy today.” Many kids also asked us how they could make animations at home so we are thrilled that they caught the animation bug too and will continue to create on their own.

Thank you, kids, for your boundless imagination and energy, to the NAC staff and our Event Director, Lisa LaBracio, for organizing such an amazing time and to our trusty and beloved volunteers: Elana Amity, Pedro Delgado, Barbara Garrison, Marty Macaluso, and Tim Savage..

Mount Sinai Hospital, 06/21/17

Mount Sinai Hospital, 06/21/17

Mount Sinai Hospital 06/21/17

Tonight we drew sunny beach scenes to celebrate the first day of summer!

Event Director, Elana Amity, started with beach-going SpongeBob, Snoopy and friends. Then a little girl named, Abby, called in to help volunteer, Pedro Delgado, draw a dolphin and unicorn sharing some ice-cream!

Thanks, kids, for the great collaborations.  We’ll see you again next month on our KidZone TV Show!


Ronald McDonald House of L.A., 06/16/17

Ronald McDonald House of L.A., 06/16/17


We had the most divine drawing dinner party with the families at the Ronald McDonald House of Los Angeles!
It was a joy to draw and dine with incredibly talented kids like Eduardo, who patiently spun one of the most accurate, expressive SpiderMan drawings we’ve ever seen; Trinity, who deftly drew her first Minion; Carlos, who created a handsome, harrowing Hulk; and Pablo, who penciled out a perfect Pikachu.
We were honored that several children shared their histories with us like Yadira, an aspiring composer from Colombia who turned her severe injuries from bullying into a passion for supporting others who suffer similar injustice, and Vincent, who after years of battling cancer and being told his chances were slim had just got the news that very day that he was clear of cancer. His resilience, warmth and encouragement of all the other kids at the House was deeply moving.
We are grateful to the volunteers who made this night possible and who shared their work from Boss Baby, Curious George, the Rugrats, Miles from Tomorrowland, Mickey Mouse, graphic novels and much more: Jeremy Arambulo, Marla Frazee, Chad Frye, Michael Daedalus Kenny, Christian Lignan. Thank you to the children and families for sharing these unforgettable moments with us and to the RMH staff for welcoming us all on this special night.


Bellevue Hospital, 06/14/17

Bellevue Hospital, 06/14/17

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We celebrated the Coney Island Mermaid Parade with the kids at Bellevue Hospital by creating sea-themed dioramas! After crafting mermaids, merboys, and their underwater worlds, the kids got their own mermaid socks that transformed them into mer-versions of themselves!
Thank you to volunteers: Ray Alma, Elana Amity, Sergei Aniskov, Barbara Garrison, Dayna Gonzalez, Henry Hilaire, Stefano Imbert, and Ellie Rahim who made this such a fun event to dive into.

The NY Foundling, 05/31/17

The NY Foundling, 05/31/17


We are truly impressed by the resilient, talented teens we met at NY Foundling’s career fair.  Many of these young adults have spent their whole lives in foster care, but their eyes are on the future: they spoke with us earnestly and with open minds about how they may explore their passions as they move into the working world.  We discussed careers spanning from advertising and graphic art to fine art, teaching and animation. It was a joy to see our life’s work spark an interest in this next generation.

Thank you, NY Foundling teens and staff for having us and to our volunteers who brought their wide range of expertise to the table: Jane Archer, Todd Broder, Joan Chiverton, Stefano Imbert and Lisa LaBracio.