New Alternatives for Children 06/24/17

New Alternatives for Children 06/24/17

New Alternatives for Children, 06/24/17

What a joy to make characters dance and flip and dive into our animation event with the New Alternatives kids! We made 3 sets: a theater stage, an underwater world and a sky then the kids added their own buildings, super heroes and super stars that danced, swam and flew through the scenes.

Our favorite moment of the night was when the shyest, quietest boy in the bunch pulled us aside to say, “you made me really happy today.” Many kids also asked us how they could make animations at home so we are thrilled that they caught the animation bug too and will continue to create on their own.

Thank you, kids, for your boundless imagination and energy, to the NAC staff and our Event Director, Lisa LaBracio, for organizing such an amazing time and to our trusty and beloved volunteers: Elana Amity, Pedro Delgado, Barbara Garrison, Marty Macaluso, and Tim Savage..