New Alternatives for Children 09/16/17

New Alternatives for Children 09/16/17

New Alternatives for Children 09/16/17

The kids at New Alternatives created the most daring, inventive animated shorts this weekend!  They learned the entire process, designed characters, created stories and made them animate all in the space of an hour and a half.  Our respect for these talented kids is boundless.

Thank you to our NAC Event Director, Lisa LaBracio, for bringing her TED Ed animatin’ expertise to the table and to our volunteers Ray Alma, Drew Dernavich, Stefano Imbert and Tim Savage for sharing their time and mad skills and to the wonderful staff and families of NAC for being the supportive village we all need.

New Alternatives for Children
provides health and social services to children with disabilities and chronic illnesses.  It focuses on children in foster care and adoptive homes.