NY Foundling Career Day 04/25/18

NY Foundling Career Day 04/25/18

NY Foundling Career Day 04/25/18
We were honored to be a part of NY Foundling’s career day that helps foster youth explore their skills and interests so that they may thrive in the professional world.  This is particularly important for those nearing  the 18 year-old age limit, where many support services end and they will need to support themselves.
We brought artists from the advertising, animation, and cartooning fields to teach about working at places like TED Animation, Grey Worldwide, Nickelodeon and more.  The kids were thrilled to learn that you can actually make art for a living saying, “wow, I never even imagined jobs like this!”  We’re happy to share insight and look forward to working for you one day, kids.
Thanks very much to NY Foundling and to our Ink Well volunteers: Lisa LaBracio, Pedro Delgado and Todd Broder.

Mount Sinai Hospital 04/18/18

Mount Sinai Hospital 04/18/18

On our latest live drawing show at Mount Sinai Hospital, we celebrated Earth Day by drawing animals and Superman protecting the planet!  (Very appropriate since 4/18 is the date when the Kents first found Clark.)
The kids called in their requests for dragons and cats and Smurfs, drawn by volunteers Dennis Calero and Stefano Imbert.  All the while everyone chatted about the ways we can stop clogging the sea with plastic, be kinder to our fellow animals, and work toward changes that will reduce our impact on this shared world!