Gilda’s Club 06/28/18

Gilda’s Club 06/28/18


The kids dove into underwater scenes tonight by first sketching out sea creature characters and backgrounds, then using watercolors to create an underwater wash effect over their drawings.  They did a wonderful job, experimenting with mixed media!

Thank you to the kids and staff of Gilda’s Club and to our Ink Well volunteers: Justin Bilicki, Ellie Rahim, and Event Director, Franz Palomares!

Covenant House of L.A. 06/20/18

Covenant House of L.A. 06/20/18


It was a joy to meet the young adults at Covenant House.  We got to show them how to do stop motion, draw monsters, cartoons, and more.  We appreciate how patient and earnestly engaged everyone was.  That’s what it takes to make good stuff happen!

We are grateful for our volunteers, Jeremy Arambulo,  Steve Hirt, Christian Lignan and to our guest host, Michael Daedalus Kenny, and West Coast Director, Joseph Scott.

Mount Sinai Hospital 06/20/18

Mount Sinai Hospital 06/20/18

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If you can draw a square, a line, and a circle, then you can draw anything.  Today we showed the kids how to make cartoon characters out of the simplest shapes.

A million thank yous to our dear Pedro Delgado, who stepped up to host the show today. And thank you to the strong kids who imagined and laughed and drew along with us.

New Alternatives for Children 06/14/18

New Alternatives for Children 6/14/18


We were blown away by the New Alternatives for Children kids’ sand paintings! Check out their masterful designs and inventive ways of using real sand to create summer scenes.

Thank you so much to the NAC staff and kids for having us, to our wonderful Event Director, Lisa LaBracio, and to our devoted volunteers: Pedro Delgado, Barbara Garrison, Stefano Imbert, Abby Merrill and Julia Sarcone-Roach.

After the event, we gave each child their own art kit so they can keep on creating.  Go, kids, go!