St. Mary’s Hospital 07/29/18


We cherish our days spent with the St. Mary’s kids. Despite serious challenges, these children always welcome us with open hearts and smiles and wonder.

This time we taught how to draw movement by using elongated poses, action lines and more. These kids have deep creative ability and they showed it as they riffed on Chilly Willy roller skating in the snow, Barney dancing a jig, and roaring dinosaurs, stomping all over the place!

Thank you, kids, for bringing so much beauty to the world. Thank you to our Event Director, Ray Alma, to our volunteers: Dennis CaleroTimothy SavageAdrian C. SinnottJoe VissichelliElizabeth Winter, and a special welcome to new Ink Weller, Willy Hartland of Beavis and Butthead fame! We were also honored to have Dennisia Slabakis join us from Carnival of Love Foundation! We are grateful to the St. Mary’s staff for always making this such a very special experience. Thank you all.