Wednesday, September 26th: Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital 09/26/18

These two gents. We are so lucky to have them on our Mount Sinai Hospital drawing team. Thank you, Peter de Séve, for bringing your New Yorker cover drawing, Ice Age character designing amazingness to join with the Nickelodeon-Disney-Cartoon Network animating fantasticness that is Pedro Delgado. The kids loved drawing migrating animals with you on our drawing show this week. ❤️And thank you, Elana Amity for being the hostess with the mostest as always. 

Mount Sinai is one of the oldest and largest teaching hospitals in the United States and it provides continuous activities and programs for the kids in its child-life program.

Bellevue Hospital 08/13/18

Bellevue Hospital 08/13/18

Bellevue Hospital 08/13/18

Tonight we conjured characters out of inanimate objects! The kids made bats and baseballs into brothers; tacos into tap dancers; letters and numbers and candy became a carnival of personality.

These children have faced severe, isolating challenges and are separated from their families as they receive counseling and treatment. It is deeply moving to sense them slowly shift from hesitance and wariness to laughing and playing and creating as we draw together. By the end of the night, one girl who had been very withdrawn in the beginning, ran back into her room to fetch her own artwork and put on her own little exhibit for us. She has definite talent and a signature style we’re calling “manga pointillism.” We hope that she and all these beautiful children keep drawing, keep dreaming and healing and feeling the nurturing connection between us all.

Thank you, wonderful children and staff of Bellevue, for always welcoming us with such warmth and energy, and to our beloved Ink Well volunteers for sharing your time and talent: Ray Alma, Todd Broder, Willy Hartland and Elizabeth Winter.