Mount Sinai 10/17/18

Mount Sinai Hospital 10/17/18


What an honor to welcome the stupendous Peter Kuper of Spy vs. Spy, Mad Magazine, and graphic novel fame to our KidZone TV drawing show at Mount Sinai Hospital! He joined our indomitable host, Elana Amity, on our live, closed-circuit show that gets beamed to all the kids’ rooms at once. The kids are equipped with drawing kits and can call in with questions and comments as we “virtually” draw together.

This time, Elana and Peter drew Halloween-y scenes, including Spy vs. Spy characters that were stuck together by a pumpkin on their heads, a totem pole built by a robot out of cats, birds, and fish, and then they drew a talking tree.

All that great art went straight up to the kids for them to keep. Thank you, everyone, for another fabulous creative night together!