Mount Sinai Hospital 12/19/18

Mount Sinai Hospital 12/19/18

Elana and Dennis Dec 2018
We had a spectacular show with the kids at Mount Sinai! The kids are all equipped with art sets in their own rooms and they draw along with us while watching our live call-in drawing show.
Lots of kids texted and called in as we all drew together: one girl requesting a princess from Elana. Dennis suggested drawing a doll princess and the little girl who had texted her request texted again saying, “that’s amazing!” She then helped Elana choose colors for her pretty doll dress. Then Dennis got a request to draw a superhero in a wheelchair which was a blast! And he drew Spider-Man wearing a Santa hat in honor of the new Spider-Man movie. The time flew by so fast, we could have kept on going all day!
Thank you, children and staff of Mount Sinai Hospital, to our dear volunteer, Dennis Calero, and beloved Ink Well Event Director, Elana Amity! Happy new year, everybody!!!

Bellevue Hospital 12/15/18

Bellevue Hospital 12/15/18

Bellevue Hospital 12/15/18

We felt privileged to share a quiet morning with the children at Bellevue Hospital. Together we created holiday cards, filled with cartoon characters and images of love and gratitude. At the end, the children got up one by one and described to the group what they had created:

One boy drew “Thank You” out of balloon characters and brilliantly carried the balloon strings to the inside of his card, where a little boy was holding them. There he wrote how much he appreciated a friend who was kind to him. A young girl drew a wintry scene where light struck the snow-covered ground and refracted into letters, spelling “Love” because she said, “when the snow falls and the light hits it just right it feels like love to me.” There were magician Santas, saber-toothed tigers, robot Godzillas, wolves and monkey Santas too.

Each child left with their own holiday gift of a sketch book and drawing set so they could keep creating on their own. And we all left with full hearts and beautiful memories of these brave kids. Thanks to our Ink Well volunteers: Drew Dernavich, Scott Brundage, Ellie Rahim, Barbara Garrison, Elizabeth Winter and a huge welcome back to our dear Jane Archer. Thanks also to the fantastic staff at Bellevue Hospital for always being so professional and helpful in all of our activities.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season with many messages of love to all!