St. Mary’s Hospital 01/20/19

St. Mary’s Hospital 1/20/19


We had a spectacular day, drawing with the children of St. Mary’s Hospital! We’ve been coming to visit these kids for years and they always fill us with such joy and amazement as they bring boundless energy and imagination to every bit of art we make together. This time we drew Scooby Doos, big tough gorillas, and silly monkeys too. One little girl even helped us draw a Princess Monkey! Some kids got their caricatures done while others learned character design. We are deeply grateful to our all-guy gang of volunteers that came to draw today: Tim Savage, Marty Macaluso, Joe Vissichelli, Scott Brundage, and our fearless Event Director, Ray Alma, who lead the show. Thank you, beautiful kids and staff of St. Mary’s! We’ll be back again soon!

Mount Sinai 1/16/19

Mount Sinai Hospital 1/16/19

On this month’s live call-in KidZone TV Show at Mount Sinai Hospital, I taught the kids how to draw winter-themed scenes in honor of all the beautiful snow!

I started off with Frosty and Olaf. These two characters helped me demonstrate all kinds of fun aspects of character design: costumes, perspective, and background setting.

Then one of the kids called in, requesting a snow queen, so as I drew, we talked about traditional portrayals of pretty princesses and how we might use new colors, shapes and personalities to reimagine traditional roles.

One girl texted in her own drawing that she was making along with us from her room: it was a fabulous, action packed portrait of a girl, moving in front of other figures. I guess my lessons in perspective and character design got through because she incorporated all of it into one fantastic scene!

After the show, I bumped into two of the art therapists who had been working with kids as they watched our show. They told me how much everybody enjoyed it and so that was the perfect end to a marvelous night. Thanks, kids, for watching and we’ll see you next month! ~Elana Amity, IWF Event Director