Wednesday, February 13th: Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital 2/13/19

This was the loveliest Valentine’s Day in many a day! Our live closed-circuit TV drawing show is beamed into all the Mount Sinai Hospital kids’ rooms at once and the kids all get their own art kits so they can draw along with us. They can call or text us too if they feel like chatting while we draw.

On this special day I showed how to make rabbits, dogs, cats, and lions, all composed of heart shapes. One boy called in with a request for a turtle and a pigeon, another called and said, “draw me a realistic lion!” With his permission I used my cell phone for a reference because I hadn’t drawn a real lion in many a day but thankfully this big cat came out just great. I was thrilled when I got an image texted back of the beautiful lion another child had drawn while listening to and following my lion lesson! 

At the end of the show, some of the kids asked me to meet them in the activities room so I could see their drawings. They were gorgeous and could have filled the most marvelous zoo! One little boy asked if he could have the bunny I had made and so that hopped right over to him. In fact I gave away all the art I made to the kids I met because that’s what we always do at our Ink Well events- we create together and the kids keep all the art.

I loved chatting with these children about all the wonderful traits that animals have- all those teeth and talons and feathers and fur. This was a day full of love and creativity and I am grateful for being a part of it. Thank you, kids, and staff of Mount Sinai Hospital! ❤️

~Elana Amity
IWF Event Director, Mount Sinai Hospital