3/23/19 New Alternatives for Children

3/23/19 New Alternatives for Children

New Alternatives for Children 02/10/2019

This time at New Alternatives for Children, we made “out of this world” artwork: the kids invented alien seahorses, basketball and soccer ball space people, fire breathing caterpillars, and then they designed their worlds and spaceships. One young artist, who particularly likes working with collage, decided to take his artwork into the thiiiiirrrrrd dimension and made a 3D diorama. Another kid asked us the very serious question of what would happen if aliens sucked out all of our brains and ate them for their dinner! We discussed the matter thoroughly but decided not to draw that one.

We had so much fun, and everyone agreed we’d like to visit outer space again Thank you to our Event Director, Lisa LaBracio, for leading the night and to our superstar volunteers: Elana Amity, Stefano Imbert, Marty Macaluso, Abby Merrill, and Tim Savage, and most of all to the kids who bring fantastic energy and dedication to all our collaborations. We are grateful for such special moments, especially when they make drawings for us to keep too like the beautiful thank you card you’ll see in our pics!


3/20/19 Mount Sinai Hospital

3/20/19 Mount Sinai Hospital


Happy Spring Equinox! This month I began our live drawing show at Mount Sinai Hospital with an explanation of all the new creatures we see crawling and bouncing and flapping around in spring, like bunnies, nesting birds, and brand new puppies too. Kids texted in with requests, including one to draw bow ties on rabbits and on a goldfish, which I was happy to oblige. 🙂  ~Elana Amity, host of the Ink Well’s “KidZone TV” drawing show


3/13/19 Gilda’s Club

3/13/19 Gilda’s Club

Gilda's Club 03/13/19

This was a beautiful celebration of the superheroes inside of each and every one of us! The brave kids at Gilda’s Club are dealing with cancer in their lives and so we talked with them about where they draw their power, what makes them feel strong, and how can we turn those traits into all kinds of super characters. The children unleashed their brilliant imaginations on personalities and back stories including Pizza girl who flings hot cheese at her villains, a gorilla astrophysicist who lives on the moon, a Spider Ham sidekick, and the most unsettling, “Eye Finger Switch!” Thanks to our volunteers: Ray Alma, Elana Amity, Scott Brundage, Dennis Calero, Lisa LaBracio, and Elizabeth Winter and to our fearless leader Franz Palomares for leading this super duper night!

Ronald McDonald House 03/12/19

Ronald McDonald House 03/12/19

So much talent in this house! Our Director of Events for the Ronald McDonald House, Jane Archer, taught how to create characters from cancer treatments and medication to help the kids see them in a little more familiar and less intimidating light. The kids picked right up on the theme and designed intricate characters, many with healing powers or traits of strength and bravery.

Afterward we gave each child their own drawing set and a Curious George book to keep. And the kids gave us lots of drawings too, including our own portraits : )
There are some real artists here and we were proud to meet them and their lovely families.