Covenant House of California 05/25/19

Covenant House of California 05/25/19

We can accomplish amazing things if we work together and put our whole energy and heart into it! In under just 1.5 hours, the fantastic young adults at Covenant House California  designed original characters, developed a storyline, and recorded their own claymation car race.  

Thank you to the leadership of new Event Director, Michael Daedalus Kenny, and our trusty volunteers, Jeremy Arambulo, Matthew Bennett, and Joseph Scott.


Bellevue Hospital 05/18/19

Bellevue Hospital 05/18/19


At this Bellevue Hospital event, the kids drew images of nurturing and protection. We asked them what they imagined when they thought of those words. Many said mom and dad, but they also said they felt protected by nature: the trees, flowers, and butterflies dancing through life along with them. Their pets, friends, and sports heroes reinforced their strength too. The more we talked of gratitude for these people, animals, and places in our life, the more we realized how much power there is all around us.

Thank you to our Event Director, Jane Archer, and to our dear volunteers: Dayna Gonzalez, Pedro Delgado, Elizabeth Winter, Dennis Calero, and Joyce Pedretti.


05/15/19 Mount Sinai Hospital

05/15/19 Mount Sinai Hospital

Pedro Delgado guest hosted this special edition of our KidZoneTV show, where we showed how to make “tessellations,” or repeating patterns on single sheets of paper. Pedro demonstrated how through a process of cutting and taping repeated designs, you can tile infinitely- especially with the help of a photocopier.

Our KidZone TV show is recorded in the Hospital studio and gets beamed into all the hospital rooms at once via closed-circuit TV.  The kids draw along with us and call or text in to the show, all from the comfort of their beds.