Monster Magnets at the Society of Illustrators! 08/10/19

Monster Magnets at the Society of Illustrators! 08/10/19


What a magnetic day! The legendary Society of Illustrators hosted our crafts party today with children from all over our foster, vulnerable, and adoptive care community. It was so good to come together to share imagination and laughs. These incredibly creative kids made up their own monster magnet characters, using “fabric paper” that they cut into many shapes and then decorated with markers, pipe cleaners, faux hair, and googley eyes. We made everything from lurking crocodiles to halloween creatures to robot aliens from outer space!

Thank you to New Alternatives for Children and NY Foundling for coordinating with the many beautiful families you serve. We are forever grateful to the Society of Illustrators for opening their space to us and for providing food and gifts for all the children. And we are thankful as always for our Ink Well volunteers who bring their rare skills and abundant kindness with them to each and every event: Elana Amity, Bil Donovan, Stefano Imbert, Lisa LaBracio, Ellie Rahim, Tim Savage, Adrian Sinnott, and Elizabeth Winter.