Pen Pals Program: Unicorn and Mermaid for Nadia

Pen Pals Program: Unicorn and Mermaid

Boss Baby creator and children’s book author/artist, Marla Frazee, helped us make a dream come true for one of our Ink Well kids. 6 year-old Nadia has been in foster care since infancy and is currently working through anxiety issues. She said she loves unicorns and mermaids more than anything in the world and wishes she could be a mermaid and have a unicorn friend. So Marla carefully crafted this scene to help her imagine just that in this loving, relaxing scene.

We are grateful to adoptive and foster care support center, New Alternatives for Children, for introducing us to Nadia.

Covenant House 07/07/20

Covenant House 07/07/20

Ground-breaking comics, children’s book, and digital artist, Micheline Hess, and animation all-star of Futurama, Simpsons, and Scooby Doo fame, Jeanette Moreno King, Zoomed in to talk with the youth at Covenant House California about how to get established in the professional arts and keep moving forward once you’re there. We explored portfolio building, networking, and the wide variety of professions these young adults may want to consider as they move into the working world.

Covenant House California provides homeless kids with a safe environment, education, employment and a chance to become independent, self-sufficient adults.

Savage Super Mario

Pen Pals Program: Super Mario

We felt super privileged to share this Super Mario painting with one of our Ink Well kids! This little girl is dealing with autism and has been really missing her school routine and friends. She told us that a painting of Super Mario would cheer her up, so Timothy Savage took the time to hand paint this watercolor just for her. We mailed her the original and emailed a digital copy that she could share with all her friends.
Thank you to our artists and partner organization, New Alternatives for Children for helping us connect through creativity with children in foster and medical care today and always.

DeSeve: Pen Pals Program: Mermaid and Fish

Pen Pals Program: Mermaid and Fish

We were introduced to a young girl in foster care, who is working through anxiety by learning breathing techniques and other relaxation practice at New Alternatives for Children. She asked if we could make her a mermaid coloring page. So we called up our volunteer and board member, Peter de Séve, and he made this original artwork just for her! We sent it to her digitally so she could print it out again and again and color it in however she pleases for all time.