New Alternatives for Children 08/12/20

Mad Libs Story Time! 08/12/20

"Mad Libs"Story Collabs! 08/12/20

We had a blast making up stories and characters with the creative kids of New Alternatives for Children! The kids used the art kits we sent them to draw out their plots like: Batman frozen in a castle but saved by love melting his shackles; Rapunzel hunting lobster for a giant feast; and butterflies fluttering over to help someone with a broken down car.

Lisa LaBracio of TED- Animation fame taught how to build story progression with a main character, conflict, and resolution and Dennis Calero of Marvel, DC, X-Men comics and more showed how to create scale and character flair with just a few lines. Thank you to everyone who participated and we’ll see you again in a couple weeks!

New Alternatives for Children serves children with disabilities and chronic illness with a focus on foster and adoptive families.

Ink Well Art Lessons: Episode 9 “Superhero: Spiderman!”

Ink Well Art Lessons: Episode 9 “Superhero: Spiderman!” 8/12/20

We received a special request from a young member of the New Alternatives for Children foster and adoptive care center. A little boy asked if one of our artists could help him learn to draw Spiderman. So we called up our volunteer, Dennis Calero, who created this fantastic Spidey how-to!

Thank you Dennis Calero and to New Alternatives for Children for your excellent support of these beautiful kids.

Micheline Hess mentors up and coming artist from the Covenant House

Micheline Hess mentors up and coming artist from the Covenant House 8/10/20

We had the privilege to connect one of the young artists we spoke with at the Covenant House last week with pro artist, Micheline Hess, for a one-on-one mentorship chat. Amia created her own excellent pitch book for a story that she hopes to present to Netflix someday and Micheline helped her work through the ideas, characters, and methods of approaching studios with new ideas. Best of luck to Amia in all her endeavors!